• Friend:Do you use Tumblr? It's so funny!
  • Me:eh...sometimes...I'm not that into it
  • Friend:Aw I was gonna say follow me! Oh well
  • Me:Yeah sorry :/
  • Me:*continues to be a world famous blogger*

I feel like my blog is dead. No notifications

Neighbor kid

Soooo, my wife called the cops on our teenage neighbor for blasting loud music and smoking weed cuz she could smell it. The music was him, the weed was me in the garage


Idk if I stopped liking it or if my girlfriend is just bad at sucking my dick


Virgo Peridot

Jorge vs. George

I really hate it when my dad calls me George. ME LLAMO JORGE! Fuck Americanizing my name, not me playa.

Broke my parole to have a good time

  • Me:*during sex* ....i think i hear someone coming....
  • girl:....who?
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